By Kate Ward
Updated July 23, 2011 at 09:19 PM EDT

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have plenty of questions we’d love to ask Spartacus: Vengeance star Lucy Lawless. (Okay, most of them are about her nude co-stars. We can’t help it!) But we wanted to know what you Spartacus fans hoped to learn about the Comic-Con favorite. So when Lawless stopped by EW’s VIP lounge, we handed the microphone over to you all. Click the jump to watch the Spartacus star answer questions about award recognition and Lucretia’s low after the first season finale of the Starz series. “She’s going through a terrible time,” Lawless says. “And she has to claw tooth and nail to get any kind of status whatsoever. She’s lost everything.” Click the jump — with a vengeance! — to watch the video!

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