Family Guy
Credit: Fox

Too soon? Just hours after the news broke that Amy Winehouse had died at the age of 27, executive producer Mark Hentemann mentioned her passing during Fox's Family Guy panel at Comic-Con. Introducing members of the cast and writers onto the stage, Hentemann asked them if anyone knew whether or not Winehouse was still alive. The audience, in turn, appeared confused — some laughed, some "Oooh"-ed.  Mike Henry, sang a bit of "Rehab" in character, and a seemingly shocked Seth MacFarlane took the stage and quickly asked Hentemann if he had asked anyone about that joke before going on. Writer and producer Steve Callaghan appeared to learn the news of Amy Winehouse while up on stage.

The mood in Ballroom 20 quickly recovered and turned to the undeniably funny: Family Guy showed clips from the upcoming season — which will include Quagmire hitting on Meg, a drug trip that goes horribly wrong for Brian, and even a little bit of clown porn — and announced Ricky Gervais would voice a dolphin in an upcoming episode, with Cate Blanchett and Ryan Reynolds also due to appear in future episodes. They also had a bit of good-natured fun with the sign-language translator who was working towards the front of the stage, asking the woman to re-sign the words for 's**t', 'bulls***t' and 'filthy floppy hobo penis'. Funny in any language?