Comic Con Chuck Panel
Credit: Wendy Redfern/Redferns

Hello geek stunt casting: Chuck producer Chris Fedak just announced at Comic-Con that none other than Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, will play a villain in the show’s final season. Hamill will appear at the start of the season, and will be one of a couple villain characters being added for season 5. Fedak says he’d also like to have Linda Hamilton back at some point in the season.

Then, Fedak hinted [potential spoiler alert] that “someone might not survive this season. And it’s going to be big.”

Could Chuck continue beyond in the final season in another form? Could we expect a spin-off? “Definitely,” Fedak says. “We always loved the idea that, with our show, it’s always a continuing adventure. I always loved the the fact there could be [for instance] a Casey and Morgan half-hour adventure. The ending is a prologue for the beginning.”

With Morgan getting the Intersect, Fedak says, “Everybody behaves differently when they have it. Let’s put it this way: By the third episode, Morgan will have frosted his tips.”

The cast is asked how they want Chuck to end: Zach Levi says: “Awesomely.” Joshua Gomez says simply, “I don’t.” Adam Baldwin says, “With the death of Vik … Here’s my real answer: I’m still not convinced it will end this year.”

But, still, showrunners insist it’s the final season. Said Levi on the end of Chuck: “It’s a little bittersweet for sure,” says Levi, who choked up saying goodbye to the crowed and thanking fans. “But we get one more season where we get to hang out. We get to say goodbye to each other and we get to say goodbye to you, and has a really rare thing in television.”

As the cast and producers said goodbye to the Comic-Con crowd that has supported the show for so long, fans gave them a standing ovation.