By Lynette Rice
Updated July 22, 2011 at 06:45 PM EDT
Credit: Starz

Both hilarious and deliciously naughty, stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles had the fan boys and girls in stitches Friday at Starz’ Torchwood panel at Comic-Con. Just as eager to share their on-set pranks with the audience as they were with teasers from upcoming episodes, Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness) and Myles (Gwen Cooper) remembered to stop and thank the fans for keeping the franchise alive and well in the U.S.

“It’s so easy to slip into Cooper’s leathers, they are so warm and sexy,” Myles told the crowd. “She is a wonderful character that I fond difficult to let go. To come back to her is a dream.”

“I’m a nerd at heart and I’m proud of it,” added Barrowman, who regaled the crowd with stories of his purchases on the Comic-Con floor (figurines and special edition superhero cups). “I was very vocal about Torchwood in the U.K. and it was my opinion, they would be stupid not to bring it back. Thank goodness for Starz who stepped forward. Here we are.”

Thankfully, there were lots of mini-spoilers about upcoming episodes, courtesy of executive producer Jane Espensen. To wit:

    • There may have been lots of lightness and humor in the first episode, but don’t think the show will be bereft of dark moments. “The thing I love about love about it is that it can go to light and incredibly dark places,” Espensen teased. “If you are feeling hungry for dark chocolate and are getting milk chocolate, just wait for episode 5.” And how’s this for a full season tease: “Look for little more flexibility with the timeline, more romance, a lot more darkness, more losses. Look for big implications. This is a show that is not just about characters, but ideas .. there is a reason to tell this story. Think of the big picture. Is this what our world would look like and what does that mean about us as a species? Let your mind really go with it. There is a lot there.”
    • Quit asking about Ianto Jones from Children of Earth, fans. He’s gone. “We love the fact that you are all passionate about the characters, that’s what makes us thrive when we go to work,” Barrowman said. “We are a drama, and in a drama you have to do things that will upset and cause change. Eve and I get a lot of letters and mail. It wasn’t our decision! It wasn’t our fault! In order to move the drama on, we had to do something drastic. We had to cause commotion. He is still understood and mentioned. We always mention things in our past and history. The fact that you go so upset and passionate about it, was exactly the reaction because it means you are committed.”
    • Get this: There is more than just one coat in Capt. Jack’s closet. “I have closet full of coats,” Barrowman explained. “We have so many made over the course of series and they are all labeled. One is the hero coat, that’s the only one used in hero shots when I’m walking with them. It looks sharp always. Then there is one for running. It flows a little bit better. Hey, everybody’s gotta have a cape! The others we are allowed to destroy.”
    • Ever the jokester, Barrowman recalled the time when he waited 45 minutes in Myles’ trailer to scare the bejesus out of her. She claims she pissed her pants, but then changed her story and said it was, um, from a spilled glass of water. Right.
    • Barrowman sings! A fan asked him to take the mic, but all he could think to sing was “Tomorrow” from Annie. Too bad he didn’t heed the advice of one Comic-Con goer who suggested, “I Feel Pretty!” Because he looked pretty.
    • Sadly, no word yet on a second season pickup. There are 10 episodes in all of season one. Stay tuned…