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Receiving huge cheers from the fan boys and girls who packed the second biggest room in the San Diego Convention Center, Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to Comic-Con Thursday to promote Ringer, her comeback to TV after Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended eight years ago. “When you have a show like Buffy that was so perfect, you’re not looking for a show to top it. You’re not looking for show that’s completely different,” Gellar said during the panel moderated by EW’s own Kristen Baldwin. “We wouldn’t exist without fans. We wanted to come back and do a show that fans would love that would be different but still exciting.”

For the uninitiated, Ringer is about twins sisters — one who is driven by redemption and one who is driven by revenge — that was first developed by CBS but ended up on The CW. Star Ioan Gruffudd — who plays the rich husband of one of the twins — admitted that he didn’t recognize the fifth network, but he and the cast were ultimately grateful that it picked up the heavy serialized drama. “I’m thrilled, because I’m 37 now and the median age of all the cast members on The CW is 22,” he told the audience. “I’m thrilled that I’m considered to be young enough.”

“Many of the same people are there,” Gellar said of The CW, which was previously the WB. “My experience was so incredible there. There’s a little more freedom at the CW. We can take a few more risks.”

Speaking of which, Gellar encountered a little push back when she asked to perform stuntwork on Ringer (which premieres Sept. 13). While working on Buffy, Gellar did her own butt-kicking, but the producers on Ringer weren’t pleased with the thought of her getting down and dirty with the bad guys. “On Buffy, I could just go through a wall. When we were doing this sequence (for Ringer), we had stunt doubles, and I was like, for what? Why do I have a stunt double? I was like, this is weird.”

“I got to shoot a gun and Buffy never got a gun,” Gellar added. “Yesterday, I had a skill saw, and that thing, I did not like. I never want to use that again.”

Along with the customary professions of love from the crowd (one fanboy addressed the obvious by saying she was even hotter in person), Gellar also took a few fun questions from the fans. One query: What would she dress up as if she came to Comic-Con? “If I dressed as Buffy, people would say ‘She’s a lame version of Buffy. Buffy is way cooler than that person,’” Gellar said, as the crowd roared with laughter. “I’d probably want to be one of the guys.”

Here’s a clip from the show that was previewed during the panel:

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