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Among the films represented at this year’s Comic-Con, you won’t find two much more atmospherically different that director Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block and Evan Glodell’s Bellflower. While the British Block is an action-comedy about aliens invading London, Bellflower is an intense, California-set love story in which Glodell plays a guy obsessed with Road Warrior villain Lord Humongous.

However, one thing their respective writer-directors share is a fondness for the, shall we say, “arguable” quality of Cannon Films’ ’80s sci fi output, as we discovered when we asked them to talk about their geekiest guilty pleasure.

Below, Cornish discusses the delights of Tobe Hooper’s 1985 London-set movie Lifeforce and Glodell waxes post-apocalyptically about 1989’s Jean-Claude Van Damme-starring Cyborg.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s your geekiest guilty pleasure?

JOE CORNISH: Lifeforce. As a Londoner who’s into comic book movies I covet anything set in London. And there are a limited number of fantasy movies set in London. You know, the Omen trilogy, the Medusa Touch, An American Werewolf in London. You can’t underestimate how exciting it was, as a Londoner, to see films made by fantasy filmmakers set in your own city. Lifeforce isn’t necessarily the best film in Mr. Hooper’s oeuvre, but it’s got some incredible stuff set around St. Paul’s Cathedral and it’s pretty funny and crazy.

And what else does it have?

It has amazing anti-gravity boobs in it. Is that what you were getting at?


Yes, it has very powerful, nude, anti-gravity sequences.

What’s your geekiest guilty pleasure?

EVAN GLODELL:I’m obsessed with Lord Humongous. But the other bad guy I’ve always had an obsession with is Fender, the bad guy from Cyborg. He’s insane and he wears a chain mail vest all the time and he never stops flexing his muscles. The guy who plays Fender is Vincent Klyn. I think the only other notable movie he’s been in is in Point Break. He plays one of the bad guys.

What’s the plot of Cyborg?

There’s a plague that has destroyed the world. Atlanta is the last city left and the rest is just a wasteland with this pirate gang which Fender is the lead of. A scientist in Atlanta finds a cure to the plague and all they have to do is get [some data from New York] to Atlanta. Fender kidnaps the girl with [the data] because he wants to own the cure so he can rule the world. And Van Damme has a personal vendetta with Fender because he killed his family. I love that movie.

So who is the actual cyborg?

The cyborg is the girl. When I was a kid, when I first saw it on TV, I thought that Fender was a cyborg. But he’s not.

Check out the next issue of Entertainment Weekly for more on Attack the Block, which opens July 29. Bellflower is released to selected cinemas the following week.

You can see the trailers for both films below — as well as clips for Lifeforce and Cyborg — below.

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