Stanley Tucci in wise, old Oppenheimer/Einstein mode is rather heartwarming. And his sage advice to a spindly Steve Rogers as he’s about to undergo a super-human transformation but (hopefully) retain his “little guy” empathy is certainly more inspirational than Tucci’s “No … ADULTS … Allowed! Hurr, hurr, hurr” mode from The Lovely Bones.

But of course, he’s not the star of Captain America: The First Avenger (out July 22). Tucci is just a colorful, Yoda-esque supporting player who delivers the theme of the message into our bloodstream as surely as he injects awesomesauce muscle-mix into that of our hero.

Check out the full trailer below:

What we have is Chris Evans successfully making us forget he was the Human Torch in something called Fantastic Four and instead seeing only the humble, loyal Cap, that underdog-turned-champion who kicks Hitler’s ass by way of the “Nazi deep science division” (whatever that means) known as HYDRA.

We don’t catch a whole lot of The Matrix‘s Hugo Weaving as Red Skull (for a full-on look, see here) but that’s just as well. What makes Captain America special from other comic book movies, even those of which share the Marvel universe and will ultimately be united in next spring’s The Avengers, is that 1940s analog texture. The glossier and more science-fiction-y it feels, the less it stands out. Earlier teasers did a better job of making it seem like a true period action-adventure, akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Rocketeer — though this trailer with its rock soundtrack (Forty Six & 2 by Tool) and emphasis on the movie’s retro-tech and special effects shots undercuts that a bit.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like the “Nuthin’ … I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” line too.

Better yet, call Cap old-fashioned, Marvel, and keep the final movie that way.

“Whatever happens, stay who you are.” And where you are: the actual ’40s.

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