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Image Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesThe Gleeks were out in full force at San Diego Comic-Con for Sunday afternoon’s panel (moderated by EW’s own Tim Stack) with the cast and crew of Glee. And while many interesting, witty, and adorable things were said about the show and its place in the pop-culture universe, let’s first cut to the chase and get to some tidbits about Season 2, shall we? So, if you are in any way averse to spoilers, shield your eyes!

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will fall out of love with Artie (Kevin McHale) and in love with Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.), to which the entire audience responded with the pained whimper of a thousand puppies. “I can fall out of love too,” joked McHale, who proceeded to put his arm around Amber Riley.

— “People think we’re going to get bigger next season, but we’re going in a different direction,” said Murphy, who added that he plans to place a greater emphasis on individual characters (such as Brittany) instead of on massive production numbers. “We’re doing about five music numbers per episode instead of eight.”

— But don’t worry, Gleeks, Season 2 will still feature a few big tribute episodes, including one devoted to Britney Spears. Murphy revealed that Matthew Morrison (who wasn’t present at the panel) once told a reporter that he never, ever wanted to sing Spears on the program. “So the entire episode is Schuester saying, ‘I don’t want to do Britney! I don’t want to do Britney!'” said Murphy. Also, Murphy said that the episode will be very “hallucinogenic.” As if a tribute episode to Spears could be anything but hallucinogenic.

— Chris Colfer expressed his desire for Kurt to sing “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show. Three seconds later, cue Murphy’s response: “Funnily enough, we are doing a Rocky Horror episode.” To this news, the Gleeks lost their bloody minds.

— Speaking of Kurt, Murphy reiterated that Kurt will find a boyfriend this season. “I wanted Kurt to have the high school experience that I didn’t have,” said Murphy, who is openly gay. “I want him to have a boyfriend and for them to be prom king and king. I think that’s something important to put out into the world.”

— When a fan asked Amber Riley if Mercedes will have any more solos in Season 2, Riley deferred to Murphy, who replied in the affirmative. “We’re working on an episode about religion, and we get to go with Amber’s character to her church,” said Murphy. “And Kurt comes along.” Upon hearing this news, Riley and Colfer looked at one another with befuddled expressions plastered on their faces.

— One Gleek asked Naya Rivera and Heather Morris what they thought about the fan response to Santana and Brittany’s relationship, but the topic quickly turned to whether the two characters will ever kiss. “We’re writing an episode where we’re debating whether they should kiss,” Murphy said. “Heather and I make out all the time,” joked Rivera.

— And both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be appearing in the second season.

A few other, non-spoiler moments from the panel:

— Colfer was asked how he personally differs from the character of Kurt. “Well, I don’t care for 10-inch heels,” replied Colfer. “And I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was when we shot the pilot. I’m really just a huge, huge nerd. I’m very awkward, [whereas] Kurt thinks he’s superior to everyone.”

— When asked about cast member pet peeves, the panel turned against Amber Riley. “Amber videotaped me on a treadmill and then put it on Twitter!” said Colfer. And apparently Riley has a way of sticking her tongue out of her mouth that drives Cory Monteith absolutely bonkers. So, naturally, all of the female cast members now stick their tongues out at Monteith.

— Who was more intimidating to sing for: President Obama or Oprah? “Oprah,” the entire panel immediately replied.

— “This is a show about why the arts matter,” Murphy responded when asked for his greatest joy about working on Glee. Murphy added that’s he’s received letters from high-school teachers about how Glee‘s success has encouraged schools to reconsider cutting their music programs.

The second season of Glee premieres Sept. 21 on Fox. PopWatchers, just how pumped are you for Glee‘s return? And what do you hope to see in Season 2 that wasn’t addressed the first time around?

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