By Jeff Jensen
Updated July 24, 2010 at 09:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesWarner Bros. used its 90-minute panel at Comic-Con to introduce Green Lantern to the geek masses by showing some footage and bringing stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, and Peter Sarsgaard to chat up the DC Comics superhero saga about a pilot recruited to an intergalactic police force armed with mystical power rings. Perhaps the moment in the tease of film that had the greatest buzz-impact on the audience was when Reynolds used his power ring to conjure a giant green fist to punch out bad guys, evoking a classic image from the comics. The reel suggested a movie of cosmic scope. There were glimpses of other members of the Green Lantern Corps. as well as a look at the planet of Oa, home to the Guardians of the Universe, which oversees the emerald-clad peacekeepers.

Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) talked about Green Lantern’s costume and even referenced its unveiling on the cover of EW’s Comic-Con issue. The helmer was excited by the design though he also called it “a work in progress.… It will eventually look very cool.”

Ryan Reynolds –- sporting a Green Lantern ring that he wore during production (he gave it away to a contest winner) — charmed the estimated crowd of 6,000 by satisfying a young boy’s request to recite Green Lantern’s oath. In a grave voice, Reynolds intoned: “In brightest day, in blackest night/No evil shall escape my sight/Let those who worship evil’s might/Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!” The crowd roarded. In an awkward moment, Reynolds disclosed that [SPOILER ALERT!] a character from the Green Lantern mythos named Parallax will appear in the film. Then, nervously, he added “I better be allowed to say that.” Judging from the silence from his director and producers, it appeared that he wasn’t.

The Green Lantern panel was noteworthy for what wasn’t announced. There had been rumors that Warner Bros. would use the opportunity to announce a Wonder Woman movie. That didn’t happen.

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