By Dan Snierson
Updated July 30, 2009 at 06:47 PM EDT

This is a post about Megan Fox, which means it’ll probably be met with one of two reactions. One: Another post about Megan Fox? Oh, thank you, Guy Upstairs! I just hope this writer skimps on the words and piles on the sexy pics! Or two: Another post about Megan Fox? What is your major media malfunction? Stop covering her hotness like it’s breaking news!

Of course, the intense focus on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star — right down to that controversial thumb — as bound to lead to scenario No. 2, a.k.a. backlash, and now the men’s website Asylum is instituting a one-day ban on all things Megan on Aug. 4. (A number of other sites, like and, are joining the cause.) Of course, I enjoy a good boycott as much as the next guy/girl, and the breathless fascination is a bit much. That said, I believe there are targets more worthy of a ban. (A Kardashian, perhaps?) And as long as Fox keeps firing off those candid, amusing, not-approved-by-a-publicist quotes (see our cover story here, or our Comic-Con video interview with her about the upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body — see above), I can put up with looking at her mug. But what say you, PopWatchers? Have you had it with Megan mania, or will you follow Fox anyway, anyhow, anywhere? Is there another overexposed celebrity who deserves a 24-hour (or more) news blackout?