By Jeff Labrecque
Updated December 20, 2019 at 08:16 AM EST

Remember when Universal screened the trailer for The Wolfman at Comic-Con? Benicio Del Toro seemed perfectly cast as the doomed Larry Talbot, and the gritty look of the film at least promised an appreciation for the character’s legacy in a way that, say, 2004’s Van Helsing did not.

No, conventioneers, you didn’t miss The Wolfman panel last week in San Diego. That clip is from Comic-Con 2008. Many full moons have passed, and the film remains hidden in darkness. Yesterday, Universal announced it was postponing its release date again, from Nov. 6 to Feb. 12, 2010. Apparently, a new trailer will debut in theaters before Inglourious Basterds on Aug. 21. But this latest delay can’t bode well. The studio insisted it was a marketing decision, but if they knew they had a hit on their hands, would they honestly be so reluctant to unleash their beast? Don’t expect a Potter-esque fan protest, but at some point, even diehard horror buffs are going to grow suspicious of the studio’s wolf cries.

I have one theory for the latest delay: Twilight‘s New Moon arrives Nov. 20. Maybe werewolves are simply scared of vampires.

What are the odds that Wolfman will stick with its latest release date, PopWatchers? Is Universal running scared or being savvy? And how interested are you to see this movie now anyway?

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels