By Henning Fog
Updated July 29, 2009 at 08:27 PM EDT

The geeky haze of Comic-Con 2009 may be dissipating and your boss less than thrilled at the prospect of you wearing a Fantastic Four costume to work, but that doesn’t mean the funny books fun has to end! On the heels of recent blockbuster miniseries like Marvel’s Secret Invasionor Civil War, DC Comics recently launched its own big summer event: the company-wide “Blackest Night” storyline. Tied directly to Green Lantern and the consequences of his latest intergalactic adventures, “Blackest Night” is a company-wide event that introduces a new Lantern Corps — surprise, the Black Lanterns — with the power to raise the dead. All those DC characters who have died in the past few years? Aquaman? Firestorm? BATMAN?…Well, they might not stay dead for long.

Outside the comic book store, Green Lantern is having a red-hot summer. Along with “Blackest Night,” the emerald enforcer has finally found his silver-screen doppelganger (Ryan Reynolds) and stars in a new animated movie, Green Lantern: First Flight. Sometimes it IS easy being green.

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