By Dan Snierson
Updated July 29, 2020 at 01:12 PM EDT

Mere hours after the official Lost panel — with fans’ heads still swimming with possibilities about Season 6 — Jeff “Doc” Jensen and Dan “Dan” Snierson hosted their own Lost confab, a live edition of “Totally Lost” that was packed with shocking news and revelations. Okay, maybe it was light in the shocking-news-and-revelations department, but a few surprise guests did rock the room. Some highlights:

• After we counted down the top facts learned about Season 6 at the Lost panel (more Faraday and Juliet! Less Dharma!), Lost co-producer Gregg Nations joined us on stage to discuss last season’s Star Wars-centric episode “Some Like It Hoth,” which he co-wrote. Turns out that (a) there are plenty of Star Wars fans over at Lost HQ and (b) read any Star Wars symbolism into the show at your risk/enjoyment. Next, Nations dished about his duties as script coordinator and high-commander curator of all Lost knowledge. Basically, if something happens on the show, could have happened, or will happen on the show, he keeps track of said info. (The details on Jack’s medical schooling? Check.) Nations noted that the characters of Jack and Ben were the hardest characters to keep track of, and that Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell impressed him the most with their Lost knowledge. Then as part of a trivia game, he stumped two fans from the audience with several triple-expert-level questions. (How many time-shifting flashes were there in season 5? That’d be 15.) Just as we were about to squeeze some season 6 intel out of Nations, Lost exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse ran into the room, busted up the inquisition, and unceremoniously threw a burlap sack over his head before whisking him away.

• Next up: A short video segment, in which the Doc—having reconsidered his stance on Season 3’s polarizing Nikki-Paolo episode “Expose”—apologized to the episode’s writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for “crapping” on “Expose” in his recap. They were gracious, in an I-told-you-so kind of way. (We’ll be posting this video soon on, so you can see what the pair had to say about penning the episode.)

• Then came the big surprise: Michael Emerson, who graciously fielded questions from both us and the audience. Asked about the Season 5 finale, Emerson raised eyebrows by noting that Ben didn’t know that he was going to kill Jacob until he was face-to-face with Jacob, and that Jacob all but forced him to do it. (Of course, Emerson did wonder if an entity like Jacob really could be killed.) Emerson also chatted about his Emmy nomination, his charmed chemistry with Terry O’Quinn, his wonderfully ambiguous line-readings, and Ben’s issues (think emotionally malnourished child). Check back on the site soon for footage of Emerson as well as the rest of the panel. And sincere thanks to those of you who took time out of your busy Comic-Con schedule to attend our panel. —Additional reporting by Jeff Jensen

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