By Adam B. Vary
Updated July 30, 2020 at 10:28 AM EDT

From Peter Jackson to The Big Bang Theory, Joss Whedon to Sherlock Holmes, Comic-Con on Friday was packed with geeky goodness. Here are your highlights:

1. Jackson and James Cameron talked with EW’s Jeff Giles about the future of film, and how Jackson is using the latest in cinema technology to replace the King Kong ride at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

2. Joss Whedon screened the now-infamous apocalyptic 13th episode of his Fox series Dollhouse, and revealed which acting alum from his Whedonverse will be appearing in its second season. Meanwhile, Michael Ausiello learned Amy Acker will be returning…but for how many episodes?!

3. In the Sony Pictures panel, Jackson answered burning questions about The Hobbit (or, really, didn’t answer them) before wowing the crowd with footage from the upcoming alien refugee film District 9. And Paul Bettany and Tyrese Gibson traded gibes through their panel for the Biblical thriller Legion.

4. On of the stars of Legion, Friday Night Lights‘ Adrianne Palicki, told Michael Ausiello that she doesn’t know if her film schedule will let her return to the DirecTV/NBC series.

5. The nerds of The Big Bang Theory communed with the nerds of Comic-Con, and show-runner Chuck Lorre said Jim Parson’s Sheldon has “opted out” of any human romance.

6. The marathon Warner Bros. panel was packed with stars: Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams for Sherlock Holmes; Cameron Diaz and James Marsden for the psychological thriller The Box; Josh Brolin and Megan Fox for the western horror flick Jonah Hex; and wee Where the Wild Things Are star Max Records charmed the crowd with footage from the long-anticipated Spike Jonze film.

7. ABC announced that former Lost star Dominic Monaghan will star in its new Lost-ian series Flashforward.

8. Who’s voice-ing the Ken doll in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3? Would you believe the man who headlined Beetle Juice?

9. AMC swings for the fences with its six-episode miniseries remake of the classic sci-fi series The Prisoner.

10. Elizabeth Mitchell confirmed to EW that she will be returning to ABC’s Lost.

11. And, oh yeah, at the panel for the January 2010 thriller The Book of Eli (starring Denzel Washington), Gary Oldman lets slip that the next Batman movie will shoot in 2010 for a possible 2011 release. Shockingly, studio Warner Bros. has no comment. D’oh!