By Seth Green
Updated July 20, 2009 at 08:00 PM EDT

Walking the show floor for 14 years, I’ve heard it all. Here’s a sampling.

Hey, are you Seth Green?

How tall are you?

Can you leave my outgoing voice message?

Say something like Chris from Family Guy.

Can you sign my boobs?

Can you call my girlfriend?

Can you sign my girlfriend’s boobs?

Can I do voices for Robot Chicken?

When is Austin Powers 4 coming out?

I loved Airborne!

You’re taller than I expected!

Why are you wearing a Spider-Man costume?

Can I have your phone number, move in with you, eat your food, and wear your clothes?

You were great as Bud Bundy.

I came from Antarctica just to meet you.

Will you sign my hairy nipple?

Where do you get the toys for Robot Chicken? Will you buy mine?

Were you in a Carls Jr. commercial?

I went to summer camp with you in 1981. Don’t you remember me?

Can I follow you around and get into all the VIP parties with you?

Who wrote your Star Wars Emperor sketch?

Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Hi.

I loved you in Scream.

(Keep an eye out for Robot Chicken‘s Skate Party Bus Concert tour, coming to a city near you. Admission is free, all ages are welcome. Seth, Robot Chicken co-creator Matt Senreich, and actor/writer Breckin Meyer will be on a bus tour of roller skating rinks August 1-13, from LA to NY, with Gym Class Heroes performing in each city. For more info and updates, go to

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