Unless you’ve been avoiding your computer and television (or just don’t care about comic books), you know that Comic-Con took place this past weekend in San Diego. The costumes, the LARP-ing, the sneak peaks. And PopWatch was there to cover it all.

In case you missed a post or two during our Thursday-Saturday geekstravaganza, we’ve condensed all our Comic-Con coverage into a delicious bite-size snack, after the jump. Enjoy!

1. Won’t you help us plan a panel for Comic-Con ’08? Thanks.

2. Don’t pass out, but we also want your questions for Stephenie Meyer!

3. J.J. Abrams presents Fringe, which is frightening and confusing.

4. Watchmen or Terminator: Salvation or The Spirit? This is like choosing between your children!

5. The claws come out: Hugh Jackman makes a surprise appearance.

6. If you were born after 1988 you might not know who KITT is.

7. If Comic-Con was high school, Stan Lee would be the quarterback.

8. What is this, a Jonas Brothers concert?

9. More sword play than spells is this Wizard’s First Rule show.

10. Tron outshines The Rock.

11. Vampires are so hot right now. (But when weren’t they?)

12. Guy Ritchie makes headlines (without Madonna).

13. The Visionaries play at EW’s very own panel. Sweet!

14. Stephenie Meyer speaks! Watch it happen!

15. Punisher: War Zone fails to enthrall.

16. Oh dear God, Ben Affleck. Wasn’t Daredevil enough?

17. Big Bang Theory has a surprising formula for success.

18. Watchmen is already packing ’em in.

19. The Spirit combines hot babes and comics. It’s a good thing.

20. As if Benicio Del Toro weren’t manly enough, he has to go and make The Wolfman.

21. The return of NPH!

22. Bones has gone to dust.

23. Kevin Smith, Family Guy, and Seth Green all have something in common.

24. Want to watch the Watchmen’?

25. Kevin Smith making a porno is the last thing anyone wants to see. Right?

26. Futurama is back in an alien form.

27. Terminator isn’t just a man’s game anymore.

28. What’s four-fingered, yellow, and has been a TV staple every Sunday for God-knows-how-long?

29. This may be article 29, but it’s all about 24.

30. Is there any buzz left for the return ofHeroes?

31. The Lost panel centers on clues, confusion, and some free loot.

32. Terminator is back. And it is violent.

33. Dollhouse still under construction.

34. I wasn’t sure if that really was Maria Bello in the new Mummy flick, but now I do… and now I’m sad…

35. Bolt and Up mean anything to you?

36. Battlestar Galactica producers make jokes about the final cylon. (Or are they being serious?)

37. Seth Rogen hopes you put Pineapple Express in your pipe and smoke it.

38. The hotties of Supernatural are even hotter in person.

39. David Boreanaz talks to us, but are we even listening?

There you have it! Comic-Con 2008 was full of wolfmen, Watchmen, Terminators, and geeks. See you in 2009!

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