To a cacophony of screams and whoops, Jensen Ackles and JaredPadalecki filed onto the stage for the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con on Sunday (along with showcreator Eric Kripke and writers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund). The panelists and the moderator (EW’s own Alynda Wheat)handled the crowd’s obvious enthusiasm with aplomb, kicking things off with a screening of the first five minutes of the CW show’s season 4 opener. What did conventioneers learn? SPOILER ALERT! Since Dean wasleft in hell the last time we saw him (after a rather messy and tragic exit fromthis mortal plane) seeing him literally crawling out of thegrave was both heartening and terrifying. A newspaper in an abandoned gasstation nearby tells both Dean and the audience that it’s four months later, but the scene ended (with a mysterious force that knocks Dead out) before anything else could be revealed.

Following a terrific response from the audience, Kripke revealed that Supernatural had just signedon X-Files alum Mitch Pileggi to play Dean and Sam’s grandfather inan episode that promises a little time travel as well. Fans can also lookforward to more from the Winchester past, including a story centering on when Maryand John Winchester were not only still alive, but much younger. The panel wrapped up with a sneak peakof the gag reel that will be on Supernatural‘s season 3 DVD (to be releasedlater this year). It will no doubt be worth a look — if only to witness Ackles’spot-on reenactment of the YouTube sensation Dramatic Prairie Dog.

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