The funniest event at Comic-Con? With apologies to Kevin Smith,I’d wager it was the Pineapple Express panel — which boasted producer JuddApatow, director David Gordon Green, cowriter Evan Goldberg, plus stars SethRogen (pictured, left), James Franco (pictured, right), Danny McBride, and Amber Heard. But it was truly the Sethand Judd potty-mouth show.

The proceedings started with clips of a few hystericalscenes — one, in which Rogen demonstrates impressive inhaling techniques on a “cross” joint — from the stoner-action flick. (“We felt personallyclose to the material,” quipped Rogen, before chastising the enraptured ladiesfor hooting only when Franco spoke: “F— you. You didn’t do that when I startedtalking.”)

Then they got down to business with thefunny. Asked if Heard or Franco was the better kisser, Rogen turned to his oldFreaks and Geeks costar and reasoned, “You’re the better kisser because you’re aman and know a man’s anatomy. He’s got home-field advantage.” As for the wackytobaccy the cast smoked on set? That was a fake-out substance called “wizardsmoke” (an apropos name for the Comic-Con crowd). On a proposedRogen–Franco–Jason Segel collaboration, Rogen cracked: “If we both have to show ourd—s, I’m out.” And, naturally, someone asked Rogen if he knew where to scoreweed. “The answer is: yes,” he said. “But I can’t tell you.” Hey, the kid had totry.

addCredit(“Dale Robinette”)

Amid the cycle of queries and quips, we also learned that Rogen andGoldberg’s Simpsons episode that’s “mostly about comic books” is a go over atFox, with a script reading imminent. And the actor reiterated that his GreenHornet movie was still happening…to no cheers, which the unflappable Rogen dulynoted.

Apatow, meanwhile, kept himself busy by attempting to broker aComic-Con hookup between two fans standing in the Q&A line. He alsoplayed standup: After catching a glimpse of himself on the big audiencescreen, he compared himself to “Brian Wilson: the bad years. Someone gowide. Please.” The producer also bonded with a dude wearing asuper-furry Chewbacca backpack by noting, “That is like me at back.”Then he raised his shirt to show off his hirsute chest and declared,”Just a hair bond with you.” Smart man. Because despite all theHollywood hoopla, he knows Comic-Con is still about the fans.

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