It was the ultimate geek panel and it took place Friday evening at Comic-Con. The subjects? Kevin Smith (pictured), Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder, and Frank Miller. While Snyder appeased fans by revealing his love of Star Wars, Miller crumudgeonly answered questions after asking the moderator, senior editor Marc Bernardin, to repeat them. Perhaps it was the dark drink in Miller’s hand that provided the awkward comic relief, but whatever it was the crowd found it all hysterical.

The hour-long discussion, though, was more like the Smith-Apatow comedy hour. The following anecdote (presented after the jump, because it’s a bit R-rated) is dedicated to our readers who couldn’t be there for it and, well, an account of the events so that Smith can forever hold them over Apatow’s head.

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AUDIENCE QUESTION: As filmmakers, I wanted to ask who in thepast or present as filmmakers have inspired you in your careers to getinvolved in this genre?

KEVIN SMITH: For me, it was likely Jim Jarmusch, Richard LInklater, Hal Hartley that made me want to get into indie film.

JUDD APATOW: Well, Kevin Smith laid down the track.

SMITH: Yes, b—-, yes. [Smith and Apatow hug.] Say that s— in print, motherf—er. I’m taking that into the studio, ‘You see what fucking Apatow said.’ Give me a job.

APATOW: But also Hal Ashby and Cameron Crowe…

SMITH: F— those guys.

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