Series creator Josh Friedman moderated his own T:SCC panel at Comic-Contoday, which kicked off with a clip reel — put together just for us — that included a few bits from the first season and a lot of what’s to come in season 2. Cam(Summer Glau) has survived the truck explosion that ended last spring’srun (oh, like that’s a shock), and the Turk (increasingly-sentientchess computer) is in the hands of some very high-tech baddies,including new cast member Shirley “Garbage” Manson. We saw some nicecraziness from James “Sarkissian” Urbaniak and some nice butching up onthe part of Thomas “John Connor” Dekker (who came to the panel dressedas Bruce Springsteen, circa 1984, and has cut off his emo bangs). Wealso saw a lot of shooting and car-flipping and, well, more of the sameawesome same. If you read my TV Watches last season, you’ll know Istarted off ambivalent about this show, but the smile on my face afterthe clip reel is proof positive it’s grown on me.

The cast spent much of the start of the panel cracking each other up,before Friedman and Dekker got substantive to discuss John’stransformation from a mopey, PTSD-afflicted teen into someone we’llbelieve could be a leader of men. “The second-season John Connor isnothing like the first-season John Connor,” said Friedman. (“Thankyou!” called out some dude in the audience.) Other info relayed: Johngets out a bit from his mom’s overbearing clutches this fall; LenaHeadey (pictured, who plays the title role) is “chuffed” to have Manson in thecast; Brian Austin Green (a.k.a. BAG) just keeps getting hotter — and wouldlike to thank everyone who hated the fact that he was cast but embracedthe character. (“I’m still waiting for that embrace,” said Dekker.)

In season 2, say the producers, the universe has been expanded, and thecore group we met last spring will be rubbing shoulders withthe real world. We’ll see the Connor family crumble, and what thatstress does to a mom — even as Skynet continues to evolve. Some of theactors — Dekker and Headey,especially — may be directing some of the show’s online content goingforward, and they’re writing Richard T. Jones’ Christian faith into theshow as part of Agent Ellison’s character.

And here’s the biggest bombshell: Today’s panel was comprised ofManson, Jones, Garrett Dillahunt (Cromartie, the bad Term), BAG,Dekker, Glau, and Headey — we were told this season, ONE OF THEM WILL DIE. Thecast didn’t know about this, and flew into a tizzy that effectivelyderailed the proceedings for a while. (“But I just bought a house…”whimpered Dekker.) Even money’s on newbie Manson to kick it, of course,but maybe BAG’s trying to make it to that 90210 remake after all?

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