Parental discretion was advised before Comic-Con mascotKevin Smith began his Saturday night live in Hall H, and oh my, was itever needed. Smith and the cast of his upcoming mainstream romanticcomedy Zack and Miri Make A Porno — including Seth Rogen, ElizabethBanks, a short-haired Jason Mewes, and B-movie legend Traci Lords — spentthe majority of their hour-and-a-half Q&A making good use ofthe late, great George Carlin’s “seven words;” they also managed to make moregay jokes per capita than a frat house on speed. The movie stars Rogenand Banks as long-time best friends who decide to shoot a skin-flick tomake money, and after a long text intro from Smith saying not to be a “f—tard” and record it, the crowd got to see a clip whose centralfeature was suddenly-indispensable Mac guy Justin Long as agloopy-voiced gay porn actor flouncing about his closeted boyfriend(played by one Brandon “Superman” Routh). Little else about the moviewas revealed, although Smith said he’s entering the MPAA’s appealsprocess next month to get his current NC-17 rating knocked down to thehard-R he’s contractually obligated to deliver (so far he’s had to cut “a lot of thrusting” and something “unspeakable”). Banks — who, FYI,said she’s not yet been asked to appear on Scrubs next season — alsocalled the film a “sweet, adorable love story.” “No one’s gonna go seeit now!” Smith wailed in protest to that comment, so Banks amended it: “There’s a lot of f—ing and s— in it, too.” “Thank you,” saidSmith. “I got a rep to protect.”

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