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Theexecutive producers of TV’s most buzzed-about genre shows had a message fortheir obsessive fans at Comic-Con today: Don’t expect too much explanation onscreen for why they do the things they do.

“Cake is the character in theshow while the mythology is the frosting,” explained Lost‘s CarltonCuse. He was joined on EW’s “The Visionaries:TV Showrunners” panel (moderated by EW’s Jeff Jensen) by his fellow EP Damon Lindelof (pictured, with Cuse), as well as Chuck‘s JoshSchwartz, Pushing Daisies Bryan Fuller, and The Sarah ConnorChronicles Josh Friedman. Cuse said that Lost would be stripped of its power ifhe and Lindelof tried to incorporate more exposition about, say, the origin ofthe smoke monster — which is why we’ll probably never hear Jack and Kate talkin great detail about it. The other producers nodded in agreement. “Weneed to keep you in awe,” Fuller added. “If you talk about it, it’snot so much fun.”

Sincethree of the shows represented on the panel — Chuck, Sarah Connor, and Daisies — had abbreviated freshman seasons due to the 100-day writers strike, theproducers said that they have specific plans to bring viewers up to speed. “Our firstepisode back will be like a pilot,” Schwartz explained. “You’ll seeChuck dangling off the roof and we’ll tell the story of how he’ll get there.”Sarah Connor, meanwhile, will pick up two seconds after where it leftoff last March — with a big explosion — and this fall’s debut episode of Daisieswill include three minutes of setup about the pie maker and hismysterious gift to revive the dead.

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Inother highlights, Cuse admitted that he misses Mr. Eko (the actor who playedthe role on Lost, the London-based Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, didn’t like living in Hawaii). A playfulFuller said he based Daisies around pies rather than cakes because they’re”moist.” And Friedman said his series is not expected to compliment Terminator:Salvation,the big-screen version of the franchise that’s in the works with Christian Bale. “Genre fans understand that there are alternativepaths,” he said. “I’ve talked to McG (the director of the upcomingTerminator movie) and we decided: I do mine, he does his, and never thetwain shall meet.” Friedmanalso admitted his crew thought he was “nuts” to cast BeverlyHills, 90210 alum Brian Austin Green as a resistance fighter sent to thepast by the future John Connor, but the actor “makes him look like agenius.”

And finally, a few random thoughts from the panelists. Fulleradmitted that he’s a huge fan of Project Runway. Lindelof said that his favorite show is Dexter. And Cuse didn’t rule outthe possibility of someday continuing Lost on the Internet onceit has completed its run on ABC. “Maybe we can do the zombie season of Lost,”said Cuse.

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