By Nisha Gopalan
Updated July 26, 2008 at 06:06 AM EDT

Things are changing,” said Buffythe Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon at his Comic-Con panel on Fridayafternoon. He was talking about the success of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-AlongBlog, his three-act, Internet-only flick about a lovelorn wannabe-supervillainwith a penchant for breaking out into song. Titular star Neil Patrick Harris (pictured, with Nathan Fillion) also took the stage along with his costars — a hammy Fillion (superhero nemesisCaptain Hammer), the charming Felicia Day (the object of their affection), andsuper-quiet Simon Helberg (Horrible’s hapless roommate/sidekick). “Dr.Horrible,” said Whedon of the lack of studio involvement, “is alittle bit about putting power in different hands.” Added the directorjokingly, “the wrong hands.” (Pause for thunderous applause from the rapturousaudience; then wash and repeat for virtually everything Whedon said.)

There wasmuch banter — repartee even! — at the expense of scoopage. After an audiencemember playfully accused Whedon of liking to kill off his female characters,Harris deadpanned, “You do kill a lot of chicks.”Retorted Whedon, “I have two tricks. You’re either out, or your dead.”Fillion, meanwhile, cracked some choice phallic “Captain Hammer”jokes, then claimed that Harris, vis-a-vis Doogie Howser, invented the blog.And Harris? He claimed he didn’t recall said show, referring to that time inhis life as his “heroin years.”

addCredit(“Amy Opoka”)

But there were a few revelations among therevelry. On the ever-enduring Buffy front, we learned:
• Joyce Summers had Whedon’s favorite death onBuffy. Said Whedon: It was “the most time I got to spend with somethingthat close to me.” Awww.
• Oz will return to Dark Horse’smost-excellent Buffy comic (!).
• Willowwas basically outed only because Oz left the show.
• And, no, Whedon was never going make Xandergay.

And in Dr. Horrible news:
• Harris did some of his own MTVCribs-like choreography in the musical, including that beloved shouldershimmy in the second act.
• While filming, Whedon sang as Hammer toFelicia’s character. And cowriter Maurissa Tancharoen has it on tape.
• They’re hosting a contest for “Evil Leagueof Evil” video submissions that are no longer than three minutes. The top 10will be on the Dr. Horrible DVD.
• The Dr. Horrible soundtrack will be available fordownload in a couple of weeks.
• Lastly, if you want to be an agent of doom, androck an iPhone, you too can log onto the very same interface Doc Horrible usedin the film at

Up next for Whedon? His latest TV show,Dollhouse, will air next year on Fox. (Read about the Dollhouse panel on tomorrow.) And — at long last — his horror movie Cabin in the Woods isfinally a go! (Additional reporting by Dafna Pleban)