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Can you call an entire half episode a “clip”? Because that’s what Bonescreator Hart Hanson, producer Barry Josephson, and stars David Boreanaz (pictured, right, with Eric Millegan and Emily Deschanel),Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, and Jon Francis Daley delivered to fans in one ofthe closing sessions of Comic-Con‘s second day (moderated by EW’s own WhitneyPastorek). Well, that and posters for everyone in the audience.

So whatdid we see? Crap. No, that’s not a critical assessment of the new season; weliterally saw poo. The victim from the early season 4 episode appears to havebeen shot then stuffed — head first — in a Port-A-Potty. Clearly, he’s not comingout smelling like a rose, as the new intern (one of a slew of newbies the showplans to shuffle in to replace Millegan’s murderous squint Zack Addy) makesa point of noting every chance she gets. Don’t look for her to stick around,as the character is so purposely annoying to the rest of theJeffersonian staff that we wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up as the victimin a subsequent episode.

After the clip (trust us, there weren’t reallyany spoilers there), the panel got started in earnest with Boreanaz and Hansonexplaining that the cast flew to London for the season opener (way to pony upsome ducats, Fox!). Boreanaz was all kinds of animated, explaining why he hatesdouble-decker buses (claustrophobic), chickens (all birds, actually), and fish(something to do with his appearance on the Martha Stewart show). Then it wastime for some spoilers. Stop here, Bones fans, if you really don’t wantto know.

addCredit(“Isabella Vosmikova”)

For those of you none too pleased by the turn the Gormogon casetook in the season finale — and Hanson says he realizes there are many ofyou — there is a bright side: Millegan will return as Addy for an unknown numberof episodes. Of course, he’ll still be that-guy-who-killed-for-the-cannibal,but…still.

There’s also love in the Jeffersonian, with Cam (Taylor)and Sweets (Daley) each getting lucky (no word on whether it’s with each other),and an ex-flame of Angela’s (Conlin) returning. Also: We finally meet Angela’slong lost mystery husband, from whom she’s been trying to get a divorce so thatshe can marry fellow lab rat Hodgins (T.J. Thyne).

The biggest spoiler,however, was Hart revealing that, “This year, Booth (Boreanaz) and Brennan(Deschanel) will be in bed together naked. That’s all I can say aboutthat.” And for those still smarting over the season finale, he offers someconsolation in revealing that it wasn’t exactly the way he wanted to end theseason either. With the writer’s strike throwing the schedule off, the Bonescreative types figured they’d conclude not with the Gormogon killer, but withBooth getting shot. So look at the bright side, Bones lovers: Youcould’ve spent the entire summer with Booth on the bubble.

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