Jeffrey Dean Morgan

You know your Comic-Con panel is rocking when Batman, Joker, and Rorschach all step up to ask questions. Such was the case today with theWatchmen panel, which reached its 6,500-seat capacity close to an hour beforethe panel began. Hosted by EW’s own fabulous Jeff Jensen, the panel centered ondirector Zach Snyder and his Watchmen: Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan; MatthewGoode as Ozymandias; Carla Gugino as the first Silk Spectre; Jackie Earle Haleyas Rorschach; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian (pictured); and Patrick Wilson as NiteOwl. Dave Gibbons, the cocreator of Watchmen, also made a special appearance.

Snyderdelighted fans with a beautiful, artistic extended trailer that, as Snyder putit, showed “the non-PG aspects of the movie.” (It was also the first time the cast saw the trailer, and Goode asked for a repeat showing of the footage at the end of thepanel.) Jensen politely grilled Gibbons on why his cocreator, Alan Moore, can’t get over hislong-standing grudge against Hollywood. “I see there is an elephant in theroom,” Gibbons said. “I wish he could feel the joy I’m feeling and not have hadsuch a bad experience before.” All the cast addressed taking on their iconic,subversive characters. Said Jeffrey Dean Morgan of his morally ambiguousComedian, “Getting into costume and sticking a cigar in my mouth helped me wantto kill people.” Synder added, “Saw is dark because people get their arms sawed off. People get their arms sawed off in our movie too, but for differentreasons. For moral reasons.” Written by Alex Tse and David Hayter, the film will bow onMarch 6, 2009.

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