By Nicole Sperling
Updated July 25, 2008 at 04:18 AM EDT

Moregirls than ever crammed themselves into Comic-Con’s Hall H this afternoon — and it wasn’t just to see clips from the Dakota Fanning futuristic actioner Push and theNicolas Cage apocalyptic drama Knowing. No, they were there for the panel they’d long been waiting for: Twilight. And from the moment convention staffers placed the name tags of the Twilight cast on the dais, the ladies in the crowd never stopped screaming. The film’s actors seemed completely overwhelmed by the rabid Twilight fans. “Thisall baffles me,” said the British star Robert Pattinson. “Its nice though, it’snice.” Director Catherine Hardwicke, meanwhile, brought along part of the climactic ballet-studio scene, which put the screaming fans into a even more of a tizzy than thepromise that Pattinson sang Bella’s lullaby himself. Twilight goes up against The Day the Earth Stood Still on Dec. 12, and if today’s reaction is any indication, Earth‘saliens should be very afraid of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires.


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