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Production on Race to Witch Mountain wrapped three weeksago and the filmmakers have just entered the editing stage. So after a roughtrailer of Disney’s action-adventure pic (due in theaters March 2009)was shown, director Andy Fickman and stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and CarlaGugino (pictured) didn’t have a whole lot to talk about beyond telling fans that the film is a thrill ride with some comic relief and a lot of ass-kicking. All of that hardly matters because it was evident that people are going to go seethe film either way, thanks to immense popularity of the leading man. The Rock took time to speak to panel attendees, answering their questions with a charming quip and a Rembrandt smile. When asked what drew him to the project, Johnson replied “What drew me was the paycheck.Seriously. Uh, Disney… Ka-ching.”

But just when everybody thought Johnson had pretty much stolen the show, Disney announcedthey’d be showing some never-seen footage from another one of their upcoming film: aremake of Tron, which IMDb says is due in 2010, and which will apparently bring back JeffBridges to reprise his lead role in the 1982 original.”[This] very special footage…is something that we wanted to share with the audience at Comic-Con,” says Disney Studios senior vice president Jasmine Madatian. “Presently, there are no plans to show it again. [And] no other details are available at this time, including the release date.” Even with such little info at this time, it goes without saying that anyone nostalgic for the’80s has to be pretty excited. We certainly are.

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