It was all about the fans at the Marvel Entertainment panel this morning, as the heads of the comic book, animation and feature film wings of the company fielded questions from a constant stream of Comic-Con attendees (and obvious hard-core Marvel fans) for the full hour. While there were no bone-crushing, universe-conquering revelations afoot, there were a few interesting highlights:

* Any casting news on Captain America? No, but after the mere mention of his name won an instant chorus of boos, it’s probably not going to be Ben Affleck. But Matt Damon as Thor? That got the crowd applauding.

* A Comic-Con veteran — who said he’d made roughly $500,000 after buying $30,000 worth of Marvel stock upon seeing a preview of Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie at Comic-Con — asked if Jon Favreau would be returning to direct Iron Man 2. While Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige couldn’t confirm, he did ask the crowd if they wanted Favreau back, seemingly confident that they’d all raucously cheer in the affirmative — which they did. Feige said an announcement should be made next month.

* There is a script for a Silver Surfer movie currently at Fox, but Feige said they were waiting to see what comes of next year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On a related note, if it wasn’t already obvious, Marvel has no plans to license any more characters to outside studios.

* Lost exec. producer Damon Lindelof better watch out — he apparently still owes Marvel Comics a script for their Ultimate Hulk/Wolverine series, and the panelists deputized the audience to ask him about it at the his ABC series’ panel tomorrow.

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