They liked Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly (from The Day the Earth Stood Still). They loved Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis (from Max Payne). But the Comic-Con fans went absolutely berserk over the surprise appearance by Hugh Jackman, here to promote next year’s Wolverine.

Jackman’s theater background certainly came in handy as the Aussie actor with the fabulous biceps commanded the 6,000-seat Hall H. (He even jumped off the stage to personally shake the hand of Len Wein, the comic-book creator of his adamantium-clawed character). The cobbled-together footage from Wolverine is nothing like what we’ll see when the movie premieres in nine months, said Jackman. But that didn’t blunt audience enthusiasm for clips of Jackman, Leiv Schreiber, and Friday Night Lights hottie Taylor Kitsch, who plays Gambit. Given next summer’s light tentpole line-up and today’s reaction, it looks like Wolverine is poised to be a massive hit.

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