By Omar Sanchez
April 07, 2020 at 08:08 PM EDT

You don't want to get into a fight before watching Les Misérables; it would be a buzzkill for everyone involved. But in 2012, Zach Braff almost didn't have a choice but to square up with a man at the premiere of Tom Hooper's big-screen adaptation, at least according to Braff's telling on the latest episode of the Scrubs rewatch podcast.

And it wasn't just any man — it was the father of the movie's star and future Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway.

"I know Anne Hathaway as an acquaintance. I'm walking towards her to say congratulations," Braff recalls on the latest episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Donald Faison. "Her father stands ups and gives me this look like: 'I'm going to kill this motherf—er. He's got the balls to crash my daughter's premiere? I'm going to strangle him!'"

But why? Did Mr. Hathaway just not like Chicken Little that much? It's a little more complicated than that. Turns out it has to do with Braff's face.

You see, Hathaway once dated a real estate developer named Raffaello Follieri, and he looks eerily like Braff. Hathaway and Follieri broke up in 2008, a few months before Follieri was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for conspiracy, wire fraud, and money-laundering.

"I got within 10 feet of [Hathaway's father] and his face just f—ing broke, sighed with a breath of relief realizing it was me and not the ex-boyfriend," Braff says.

Follieri is just one of several famous faces Braff gets confused with, and he lays them out on the podcast: Tom Cavanagh (who actually played his brother on Scrubs), Ray Romano, Dax Shephard.

Braff also shares another time someone thought he looked like Follieri. It starts with him at Coffee Bean and ends with meeting an idol.

"I see Arsenio Hall, and he's looking right at me," Braff says. "I never met Arsenio Hall. But I was geeking out because I love Arsenio Hall. He brought me over to the end of the counter where they delivered the coffees. And there, you can hear the music [Braff and Faison imitate an angelic chorus], is Eddie Murphy standing there."

"Anybody ever tell you you look like Anne Hathaway's boyfriend that went to jail?" Braff recalls Murphy saying. "Yeah, 'cause I was watching the news and I was like, 'That looks like the dude from Scrubs!'"