The mission wasn't impossible for the actor.

Game on!

Zac Efron took a little inspiration from Mission: Impossible to help his grandfather catch the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

The actor shared a video on Instagram showing how he and brother Dylan Efron broke their gramps out of a nursing home to watch the championship match.

Well, "broke" might be too strong a word, seeing as they clearly had permission to pull off the stunt. But the video, which is set to the classic M:I theme song, starts out with Zac masking up and sneaking into the facility.

As he makes his way through the building, Zac pulls off a slick maneuver by removing a woman's keycard from the back of her chair (yeah, 'cause she'd really leave it there), thus gaining access to the restricted area.

"Let's get out of here," the Efrons' grandpa says after putting on his flat cap, as Zac wheels him to a car. (Gramps also shushes another resident on their escape route.)

They make it all the way to an undisclosed location, where the fam appears to be cheering on Italy, who would go on to defeat England in the shootout phase of the final.

"And grandpa's a better actor than I am," Efron quips at the end of the video. (Can we get gramps an agent?)

The video went down well with Zac's fans, friends, and followers. Elizabeth Banks wrote, "I love this so much," and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II commented, "Dope."

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