Titus Welliver discusses 'Bosch.'

Titus Welliver currently stars in the seventh and final season of Amazon Prime Video's Bosch, but the 59-year-old isn't turning in his badge since IMDb TV has picked up a "continuation" of the detective drama. "I'm ecstatic and happy and... crazy," he says of the new adventure. "But we all knew that." On that note, we asked the Lost alum what other pop culture he's just mad about.

Rachel Kushner, THE HARD CROWD
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BOOKS: The Hard Crowd: Essays 2000–2020, by Rachel Kushner

"I usually have about four or five books going at the same time on my nightstand, but I've been blazing through Rachel Kushner's book. There's something familiar about her prose. It reminds me of writers who I've loved, like Terry Southern and Hunter S. Thompson."

Mare of Easttown
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TV: Mare of Easttown (HBO)

"I've always had tremendous respect for Kate Winslet as an actor. Her work in Mare of Easttown, pound for pound, may be some of the best work I've ever seen an actor do. There was a scene where she is having a consultation with her grandson's doctor and I
kept having to pause it, just to take it in. It's inspiring and staggering."

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MOVIES: Nomadland (2020)

"Frances McDormand's performance blew my mind. I thought that film was really powerful, a film of incredible stillness and economy. In our household, we probably watch a movie every single night. It's our personal movie house. Since theaters shut down, we do it at home. The popcorn tastes better and the restrooms are clean."

David Mamet
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STAGE: American Buffalo

"It's my favorite play, one I've done several times. [Playwright] David Mamet was my teacher at NYU. He and Billy Macy, J.T. Walsh would do master classes. I was very fortunate to be under the tutelage of Mamet & Co. at that time."

Tangerine Dream soundtrack
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MUSIC: Tangerine Dream, the Sorcerer soundtrack

"I'm not doing hallucinogenics or anything like that. It's so great to revisit that music. They're giant pioneers and they sound so great on vinyl."

Los Angeles Exteriors And Landmarks - 2016
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BONUS: Daily canyon walks

"My girlfriend and I take one long, long hike every morning. It starts my day and I look forward to it. My obsession, for lack of a better word. That's our moment in the day of real, true Zen."

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