Talk about commitment to a bit!

In another life, Paul Rudd would make a decent masseuse — at least if Seth Rogen's detailed account of a prank is to be believed.

In a very random tweet on Monday, Rogen described a hilarious prank he says Rudd played on him at a hotel in Las Vegas. "Once I was in the spa in a hotel in Vegas getting a massage," Rogen recalled.

He continued, "When I finished I turned over and to my shock Paul Rudd was massaging me. He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I'd notice immediately. I didn't, and Paul did the entire rest of it." Now that's dedication to a bit!

It's unclear what made Rogen recall the incident, or if it indeed actually occurred. Voicing such doubts, producer Jeremy Wein asked Rogen on Twitter, "Are we sure this wasn't a weed induced hallucination Seth?" To which Rogen replied, "I'm sure Paul would confirm it."

No word yet from Rudd's camp or further details from Rogen, but the two have a long working relationship. They've both starred in numerous films together, including comedies The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Knocked Up, This Is The End, Sausage Party, and more.

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