Yes, the American Horror Story actress knows you think she and the Grammy winner look a lot alike.

Fans have long said Sarah Paulson and Adele look alike, but those comments returned in droves after the singer recently revealed her new look on Instagram. In an interview, the actress said she was flattered by the comparison, even if people left off the compliment she really wanted.

"I never realized how much Adele looks like Sarah Paulson?" one commenter wrote in early May, with another tweeting "I’m not saying Adele and Sarah Paulson are the same person but."

There were numerous comments like those all over social media, and of course, the American Horror Story actress came across them. While speaking to EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109) this week, Paulson said she was first confused about why her name was trending, joking, "Did I die? What happened?"

But she acknowledged that the comparison "has been going on for a while," and she was flattered, even if fans weren't talking about their talent levels.

"What I wish they were comparing was my talent to her talent, and saying that mine was as great as her," Paulson said light-heartedly. "Which quite honestly…they can’t say, because no one’s talent is as great as hers. Which is really irritating.”

She added, “but I'll take looking like her. She’s a beauty! I’ll take it.”

Adele, Sarah Paulson
Credit: Adele/Instagram; Karwai Tang/Getty Images

While the British songstress has the voice of an angel and has scored numerous accolades, Paulson's career is nothing to scoff at. She's an Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG winner, and of course, the best "Mom dancer" around.

Paulson and Adele aren't the only two celeb doppelgängers — actors Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery have also addressed their resemblance, and even appeared on The Late Late Show in the same outfit. Now we just need the two talented ladies to come together on video to have us all seeing double.

Listen to the full conversation in the video above.

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