The Glee creator said that he was told reveal that he was a Scorpio because "'cause she won't hire you."

Sorry, but Madonna is only interested in work and business partnerships that are literally written in the stars. At least, according to Ryan Murphy.

The Glee creator, who is a Scorpio, revealed that he once lied to the "Vogue" singer about his astrological sign during a job interview because he was warned in advance that she doesn't work with Scorpios. At the time, Murphy had been reached out to by Lakeshore Entertainment founder Tom Rosenberg about a job that required him to conduct a series of interviews with Madonna for a film.

"In the elevator ride up to meet Madonna for the very first time with Tom, he turned to me and said, 'I forgot to ask you, when is your birthday?'" Murphy said recently on the Glee-centric And That's What You Really Missed podcast. "I said, 'I'm November 9th.' And he goes, 'Are you a Scorpio?' I said, 'Yeah.' And he goes, 'You can't tell that to her, 'cause she won't hire you.'"

Madonna attends the Billboard Women in Music 2016 event on December 9, 2016 in New York City. ; Ryan Murphy attends the Time 100 Gala 2019 at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 23, 2019 in New York City.
Ryan Murphy lied to Madonna about his sign
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Murphy was, of course, a little confused. "I said, 'What do you mean?'" He continued, "And he said, 'I don't know, but just don't say you're a Scorpio. Say you're something else.'" 

Sure enough, his astrological sign came up during the pair's meeting. "I meet her. She's lovely. The last question is, 'When were you born?'" Murphy said. "And I gave her my mother's birthday of September third and she said, 'Oh, a Virgo. Okay.' By the time we got down to the lobby, it became word that I was hired."

While he "never understood the Scorpio thing," Murphy said that he had a "great experience" working with her, adding, "I cannot say enough good things about Madonna."

It's not immediately clear why Madonna, who is a Leo, has decided to nix any Scorpio collaborations. Some astrology websites claim that the two signs can make the best of friends, while others write them off as star-crossed pals

However, this isn't the first time that Madonna's scorn toward Scorpios has ended a potential partnership. In 2020, musician David Guetta said that she shuttered the plan for him to produce one of her albums once she learned his star sign. 

"We have lunch. It's happening, very good. And you wonder when we start working together," Guetta said during a 2020 interview with French YouTubers McFly et Carlito, per translation by The Independent. When he revealed he was a Scorpio, Guetta added, "Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, 'I'm sorry, we're not going to be able to work together. It was a pleasure to know you. Goodbye!'"

So, if you're a Scorpio wanting to work with Madonna one day, maybe give her your moon sign or rising sign instead. 

Listen to Murphy talk about working with Madonna above.

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