It's literally the best #TBT in a while.

To borrow Rob Lowe's own catchphrase (and his podcast title), he had the best #TBT photo of the week — Literally!

The actor shared totally '80s vibes on Thursday when he posted a pic showing him on a double date with his The Outsiders costar Tom Cruise.

"Double date 1980s style! I think this might've been the premiere of 'The World According to Garp,'" Lowe captioned the pic.

In the shot, the actor is sporting the height of '80s fashion — a white blazer with a flipped up collar, a low slung white tie, and a pink button-down shirt — as he poses next to Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert. Cruise opted for a more muted navy wool blazer, blue button-down shirt and striped tie — with those classic '80s bangs. 

Cruise is pictured alongside Michelle Meyrink, who played Marcia in The Outsiders, in the pic.

Rob's brother, Chad Lowe, called into question where the photo was taken, hilariously writing in the caption, "You sure this wasn't your prom?"

As it turns out, based on Getty Images' records, the double date happened at a screening for 1982's In the Custody of Strangers, a TV movie which starred Martin Sheen, Jane Alexander, and Cruise and Lowe's fellow The Outsiders castmember Emilio Estevez. In fact, our photo team found this shot of the three budding icons on the same red carpet. 

rob lowe, tom cruise and emilio estevez
Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez
| Credit: Frank Edwards/getty images

The Outsiders came out a year later, in 1983. S.E. Hinton, who wrote the book, shared memories of what it was like onset, with the actors, in a 2017 interview with EW.

"The best thing, besides working with Francis [Ford Coppola], whom I adore, was the boys. Tommy [Howell] was 15, and Rob Lowe had his 18th birthday on the set. Matt [Dillon] had just turned 18. Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez were just 19. Ralph Macchio was the oldest at 20. They were typical goofy teenagers, but you get 'em in front of a camera and they'd turn into these serious artists. I loved watching that," she said.

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