World War Z author Max Brooks is worried about wiping out a generation of comedy icons.

I recently spoke with World War Z author Max Brooks about his upcoming bigfoot horror novel Devolution and the writer let slip that his mother — the late actress Anne Bancroft — used to read him science tome Microbe Hunters as a bedtime story. In short, the man knows his diseases! And the dangers they pose! All of which helps explain why Max and his father, comedy legend Mel Brooks, have collaborated on a PSA promoting social-distancing.

Max Brooks and Mel Brooks
Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

"Hi, I'm Max Brooks, I'm 47-years-old," he says in the video, just before his father appears behind him, protected by a glass door. "This is my Dad, Mel Brooks. Hi Dad! He's 93. If I get the coronavirus, I'll probably be okay. But if I give it to him, he could give it to Carl Reiner, who could give it to Dick Van Dyke, and before I know it, I've wiped out a whole generation of comedic legends. When it comes to coronavirus I have to think of who I can infect and so should you. So practice social-distancing, avoid crowds, wash your hands, keep 6 feet away from people, and if you've got the option to stay home, jus stay home. Do your part, don't be a spreader!"

Watch the video below (and check out the next issue of EW for much more from Max).

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