Comedy legend is voting Democrat in upcoming election.
Mel Brooks
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

While the filmography of Mel Brooks is not exactly short of Nazis, the Hollywood legend is more famous for crafting comedy classics than making political pronouncements. But in a just-released video, Brooks both endorses presidential candidate Joe Biden and takes a verbal swing at Donald Trump.

"Hi folks, I'm Mel Brooks, and behind me you see my son and my grandson, and they can't be with me," says Brooks at the start of the clip, indicating his socially-distant son Max and grandson Henry. "Why? Because of this coronavirus. And Donald Trump's not doing a damn thing about it. So many people have died, and when you're dead you can't do much. So, I'm voting for Joe Biden. I like Joe. Why do I like Joe? Because Joe likes facts. Because Joe likes science...Take a tip from me. Vote for Joe."

Watch that video below.

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