The Oscar winner gave a patriotic message to his social media followers for Independence Day.

Whether or not this was some sort of political precursor from Matthew McConaughey, the Oscar winner delivered a speech to his social media followers on July 4th to commemorate America's 245th birthday and reflect on the country's "growing pains."

It was a very McConaughey speech as he talked about "this trip around the sun" that was this past year being "another head-scratcher," with an American flag hanging in the background.

"But let's also remember that we're babies as a country," he said. "We're basically going through puberty in comparison to other countries' timelines, and we're going to go through growing pains. We are going through growing pains.

"This is not an excuse to say, this is just the reality, and this is good because we got to keep learning, we got to keep maturing, we gotta keep striving, we gotta keep climbing, we gotta keep building," he continued. "And we gotta make sure we maintain hope along the way, as we continue to evolve. Why? 'Cause it's who we are. Why? Because the alternative sucks."

McConaughey has been teasing his entry into the political arena. Back in March, he said running for governor in Texas was "a true consideration." In May, he mentioned that he's "interested in building something that can last" and was currently "measuring what category" that would be. "I don't know if that's politics," he said. "That whole embassy of politics has some redefining of its purpose."

With this speech on Sunday, it seemed he wanted to inspire. "Sure, we're each unique. We're each independent. We each have innate abilities that others don't have, as people and as states," he said. "But at the same time we are all in this together, and if you don't purchase that, move on. Go somewhere else."

"So, as we celebrate the red, white, and blue this weekend," he added, "let's be sure and just reflect just a minute, take a little bit of inventory on where we've come from, where we are, and how and where we want to go from here on the way to being the best we can be."

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