"Can we try and figure out what got lost in translation?" Costello said in his Instagram story, asking the singer to reach out to him.

By Jolie Lash
June 15, 2021 at 08:55 PM EDT

Leona Lewis has come forward with allegations that designer Michael Costello left her "embarrassed and deeply hurt" by backing out of an agreement to dress her in 2014 due to what she believed was her figure not being "sample size" - but Costello is challenging her account.

The "Bleeding Love" singer, who won the third season of the U.K.'s The X Factor in 2006, made the allegations on her Instagram story Tuesday, a day after Costello posted on the same platform that he remains "traumatized" and "depressed" and has had "thoughts of suicide" following social media interactions with Chrissy Teigen in 2014, when she allegedly accused him of being racist and threatened his career. (Earlier Monday, Teigen published a lengthy apology for posting toxic tweets about fellow celebrities in the past, without specifying names.)

In series of statements posted to Lewis' Instagram story, she said she felt the need to speak up about what she saw as a "pot calling the kettle black" situation.

"I'm not discounting [Costello's] experience as that is an awful thing to go through and I wish him so much love and healing," she wrote. "I'm sure this will come as a shock as I never told him how this made me feel. But the pot calling the kettle black in this situation doesn't sit right with me. Bullying comes in many different forms. We need love, we need accountability, we need forgiveness, none of us are perfect."

Leona Lewis, Michael Costello
Singer Leona Lewis and designer Michael Costello
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Lewis said that in 2014, the same year Teigen was interacting with Costello (and the year he famously dressed Beyoncé for the Grammys), she had flown out to New York for a charity event where the Project Runway alum was supposed to dress her. According to Lewis, her interactions with Costello and his team left a mark.

"When I got to my fitting I was made to feel very awkward and uncomfortable as the dress was a sample size and he/his team clearly did not want to alter it to fit me," Lewis wrote. "This came as a total surprise because weeks prior I was told that they would make the dress work for me. At the next fitting, the night before the show, with no explanation at all, Michael refused to turn up. He no longer wanted to dress me and he abandoned his commitments to me and the show which made me well aware that I wasn't the body type required."

Michael Costello and Leona Lewis IG Story grabs
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Lewis continued: "I was so embarrassed and deeply hurt. Because I didn't look like a model size, I was not permitted to walk in his dress. I had to sit in the audience and was asked by press why I didn't walk in the show. I remember having to come up with excuses as I was so humiliated by it all. I feel like I was made to look as though I pulled out and was being difficult and as an affect of those actions I suffered a lot, both personally and professionally. The most hurtful thing is that it was to raise money for charity, and this went against everything we were trying to do."

Lewis added that she never told Costello how the alleged incident affected her. But she wrote that she was "left with deep insecurities."

EW has reached out to Lewis and Costello for comment.

Costello responded to Lewis on his Instagram story later Tuesday, saying he'd reached out to her personally about her remarks but also that he had several emails from her team since 2014 inquiring about his designs. "No dis no shade no hate I love you and your music I still follow you but not sure what happen," he wrote.

One of Costello's story posts appeared to show an email from a stylist's assistant seeking a look for Lewis for last month's American Idol finale.

Costello also highlighted an Instagram post by Lewis in 2015 showing her in one of his dresses. "So sassy in my @michaelcostello dress," she captioned the photo.

Michael Costello and Leona Lewis IG Story grabs
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Reading the caption aloud, Costello added, "Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Because I'm trying to figure out what happened. I'm still trying to figure it out."

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