Reacting to news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's possible reconciliation, Smith tweeted about how the iconic portmanteau was coined on the set of his film Jersey Girl.

Amid reports that the powerhouse celebrity coupling known as Bennifer could be back in action, director Kevin Smith is laying claim to coining the iconic portmanteau combining Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's names.

While the pair first worked together on the infamous box office bomb Gigli, it was during production on Smith's 2004 film Jersey Girl that the word "Bennifer" was first uttered, according to the filmmaker.

Smith tweeted Monday that Bennifer was "a name I first gave the kids during 'Jersey Girl' pre-production, before the world found out they were dating. I'd later drop the name in an interview with the @nytimes. Shortly thereafter, it appeared in the article and then entered the vernacular."

Jersey Girl
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck with director Kevin Smith on the set of the 2004 film 'Jersey Girl'
| Credit: Everett Collection

During their initial run as a couple, Affleck and Lopez burned fast and bright, dating on and off from 2002 to 2004, with the peak being Affleck's appearance in his triple-threat partner's "Jenny From the Block" music video.

Since their split, both stars have been married to and divorced from other celebrities, like Affleck with Jennifer Garner and Lopez with Marc Anthony. Now they have reportedly rekindled their connection in Montana this past week.

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