Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson also made cameos during the feel-good episode.

Many college students around the world aren't going to get a formal ceremony due to COVID-19, but a few lucky grads got something perhaps even better — a personal commencement speech from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, Oprah, and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai.

It was all things graduation in the latest installment of John Krasinski's "Some Good News" web series, and the actor invited numerous grads to celebrate their matriculation with him. The students also submitted questions for a commencement speaker but little did they know just who would be answering their queries.

One grad named Ben got the surprise of a lifetime when Spielberg came in to deliver advice one-on-one to him. Despite coronavirus throwing a wrench into everyone's plans, the director had wise words about finding a silver lining during a tumultuous time.

"One of the things this moment is teaching us is that truly anything is possible. It will be imagination and innovation that gets us all to the other side," Spielberg said. "I know this is the time of huge loss, but it's also a chance to dream big about our futures together, and your generation has something important to say about making that a better future for all of us."

Oprah met a young Harvard grad, who asked her about a time in her life when a low point turned out to be positive. The TV icon recounted a story about getting demoted from her anchor job to hosting a local talk show — which, incidentally, is what catapulted her entire career.

"I believe that failure is an opportunity to move yourself in a different direction. It gets better because you've learned the lessons from the first time," she said.

Stewart, who unsurprisingly mixed humor into his guidance, noted that he had the tough task of going after Oprah.

"The person on Mr. Krasinski's show before you, their question was answered by Oprah. So I think it's clear sometimes in life, you're gonna get the short end of the stick," the former Daily Show host joked.

But then, he got serious and gave some A+ advice.

"You're about to enter into a world where no one's grading you," he continued. "Stop completing things and start living."

Between these sage words and the moving graduation address given by Tom Hanks, who needs a commencement speaker in real life?

And, because it's "Some Good News," there were way more celebrity cameos than we were expecting. Ryan Reynolds briefly appeared in the video's beginning to deliver the weather: "Looks ... pretty good," he said. Meteorologists everywhere were quaking.

Then, Krasinski highlighted two young girls who brightened peoples' day by shouting compliments. Because there wasn't footage of their acts of kindness, he chose the most fitting actor to embody the girls' pint-sized enthusiasm: Samuel L. Jackson.

"Your shirt matches your dog and I like that about you!" the star reenacted in the clip.

In the last episode of Some Good News episode, Krasinski brought on Guy Fieri, Stanley Tucci, and others for a virtual potluck.

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