She knows period pieces, okay?

Jessica Biel had an A-Team worthy clapback to a critique she found on Twitter.

On Thursday, the actress turned to Instagram to respond to a tweet that read, "Some people just can't be believably cast in a period piece like sorry Jessica Biel you have a face that knows about text messaging."

Jessica Biel
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The 7th Heaven alum shared a pic showing her in 2006's The Illusionist, a film she starred in opposite Edward Norton, that was set at the turn of the twentieth century.

She followed that up with a screenshot of the offending tweet, and one more pic for good measure. In her third slide, Biel offered a shot of her on a cell phone (from 2004's Cellular), and in the pic, she had an expression that sure looks like it meant, "Really?!?"

"Born for wifi," Biel captioned her slideshow clapback.

Commenters quickly chimed in with Mindy Kaling adding a crying laughing emoji. Another user added the coffin emoji.

"Go on now. Break the internet and see who's boss," wrote another.

"Disagree! You are perfect for these period movies!😍😍😍," another user shared.

Biel is currently an executive producer on the wifi-free Freeform series Cruel Summer, which follows the tale of two teens -— one who was held against her will by the school's vice principal, and the other accused of having seen her classmate while she was captive. It's set in the early-mid nineties.

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