The Boys star owes Jaws, AC/DC, and Super Mario for shaping his taste in pop culture.

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Right now, it feels like the entertainment world belongs to Jack Quaid — and we’re all lucky enough to binge it. In 2019, he graced screens as the endearing love interest Ben in Plus One opposite Maya Erskine and, later, as Hughie Campbell, the most lovably neurotic member of The Boys’ anti-supe squad. His Hollywood takeover continues this year with the Amazon Prime hit’s second season and getting to explore space (you know, the final frontier) as the voice of Ensign Brad Boimler on the new animated CBS All Access comedy, Star Trek: Lower Decks. If you’re like us, you’ve been charmed every step of the way. 

With Scream 5 up next, we wanted to find out what entertains the man who’s been entertaining us so much lately. Check out some of the pop culture favorites he shared with EW for our Celebrity Must List

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The Simpsons

I learned most things I know from watching The Simpsons. I know most cultural references from The Simpsons first. I would see them parody something on the show then figure out what it was after the fact. That’s just the way I navigated the world for a while. So I’ve quoted that show quite a lot. 

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AC/DC, Back in Black

The first album I ever bought was a CD of AC/DC’s Back in Black. I was a kid in middle school and I had just seen the movie School of Rock and it almost single-handedly got me into rock & roll and music in general. I didn’t really have a “favorite band” or a “favorite song” before that. While Back in Black was the first album I got into and it has a lot of great songs, I think my favorite album as an experience is Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. Just absolutely sensational from start to finish. Every single song.

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I would’ve killed to be in Jaws. I could just be one of the townspeople in the background for all I care, I just want to know what that set was like. I’m obsessed with that movie. So many things went wrong while they were shooting it, but it's how they dealt with those problems that make it iconic. The fact that the shark didn’t work made it so you never see it in the opening sequence, but that just winds up making the scene so much scarier! Just to observe that movie getting made would be fascinating. 

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Star Trek (2009)

My introduction to Star Trek was the JJ Abrams-directed Kelvin timeline reboot movie (which, coincidentally, my amazing costar from The Boys, Karl Urban, is in). I saw it in high school during a very awkward teenage date, but the movie saved it. It did such a good job introducing new fans to the world of Trek while showing serious love to life-long fans as well. For Lower Decks I’ve had to dive into The Next Generation and it’s incredible. I can’t believe that show had been around for so long and I hadn’t checked it out. It was right up my alley!

Super Mario 64 (1996, Nintendo 64)
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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 changed video games and the way we think of them forever. I wasn’t old enough to be at all competent at that game when it came out, but I’ve beaten it since and it’s still so amazing. I really loved Super Mario Odyssey as well. Just had the biggest smile on my face the whole time I was playing it. So creative and weird and fun.

[And if Quaid could join any video game franchise?]

Probably The Last Of Us because every role in those games is so layered and meaty. Either that or something in the Bioshock universe. I’ve done mo-cap for a video game once before and I’ve been dying to get to do it again ever since. Make it happen, internet!

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