Jack Black is giving us the quarantine relief we all deserve.

Tenacious D rock legend and Jumanji actor Jack Black has jumped on TikTok for the first time, giving us the goofiest dance imaginable to keep our mind off the quarantine.

Black, in what looks like his backyard, is prancing around in the video on top of a skateboard half pipe ramp wearing only a cowboy hat, shorts, and cowboy boots. Oh yeah, and sunglasses. That's it. Really.

The #QuarantineDance has four distinct parts to it. Be careful to take each step seriously. First, it seems like a typical TikTok dance with some arm-waving choreography and a nice karate kick. Then he starts flapping his wings as if he's about to take flight. That's part two. Part three is a nausea-inducing spin cycle, which leads us to part four, where you have to somehow drop the hat off your head and try to catch it with as little grace as possible. This will be trending in no time.

Jack Black
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Black joins celebrities like Mark Wahlberg who are jumping on the social media video app TikTok to dance like no one's watching, except everyone is watching.  But this shouldn't be a surpise from Black, who has given us classic dance moves like pulling out the slap-your-own-hand-like-a-gavel in the 2000 movie High FidelityHe's danced on Ellen. He's bumped and grinded on Conan. Whenever you need him, Black will give you a personalized dance, guaranteed. It's about time he gives us his Cameo account, don't you think?


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