It's not quite as impressive as his jukebox trick, but it seems the Fonz still has some magic up those leather sleeves.

Henry Winkler, who famously played greaser Arthur Fonzarelli on Happy Days, showed off his ability to drink water one-handed via Twitter on Sunday in a not-so-subtle jab at President Donald Trump, who sparked health concerns after he seemed to struggle with the same task during his commencement speech last weekend at West Point.

Henry Winkler
Credit: Henry Winkler

In a silent video captioned "one hand," a thickly bearded Winkler imitated the hand motions of a magician to build suspense before successfully raising a glass of water to his lips — with just one hand — and taking a sip.

The accomplishment comes just a day after Trump proved to an enthusiastic, if somewhat depleted, rally crowd that he too can drink one-handed. After explaining that he required two hands for the motion at West Point because he did not want to spill water on his silk tie, Trump triumphantly sipped one-handed before tossing the glass to great applause from his faithful.

“I look down at my tie because I’ve done it, I’ve taken water and spilled down onto your tie, it doesn’t look good for a long time, and frankly the tie is never the same,” he explained to fans in Tulsa, Okla., on Saturday night. Referring to the press, Trump added, “And they gave me another disease."

Concerns for Trump's health that evening were compounded by the manner in which he exited the commencement stage, gingerly walking most of the way down a ramp while grabbing on to the general next to him for support. In a lengthy explanation, Trump blamed his shoes and a wet ramp for his unsteady gait, although many have pointed out that it was not raining that day.

Winkler is not the only celebrity apparently amused by the president's drinking habits. Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista also spoofed the incident, taking a minute to psych himself up like a boxer preparing for battle before ultimately finding the courage to take a one-handed sip. He then celebrated his success while the theme song for Rocky played triumphantly in the background.

"Thank you for the inspiration," Bautista wrote, tagging Trump and adding #DreamChasers.

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