Spotted: Cavill's blue tank in the actor's accidental thirst trap video.
Henry Cavill
Credit: Henry Cavill/Instagram

It's unjust, perhaps even criminally unjust (there hasn't been a legal precedent in this particular situation that we can think of, so maybe it is illegal), that actor Henry Cavill can look, you know, the way that he does and be able to do things like paint his own miniatures for Warhammer 40K or become an expert in World of Warcraft. It's this mixture of geek and fleek that results in moments that cause utter emotional chaos to stir within his fanbase. Such was the case with a video released on Instagram Thursday.

Cavill's favorite blue tank top reprised its role of hugging the star's pecs while the actor plays on his home computer and, prior to that, making cameos in just about every gym pic. The tank showed up again on Cavill as the Man of Steel himself shared a supercut of his efforts to build his own PC.

The blue tank doesn't emerge until later, around the 3:55 mark as the video cuts to one day later, but it's worth it. That's when Cavill's bicep definition also gets a guest-starring role as the actor lifts his creation in the air.

In his defense, Cavill did warn his Instagram followers of the danger this kind of thirst trap can cause. "This kind of material isn't for everyone....viewer discretion is advised," he wrote.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone who will watch the inevitable videos of Cavill playing videogames on this PC.

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