For us earthly beings, a name like X Æ A-12 carries no significance. But fortunately, Grimes occupies a different plane of existence and is here to explain its hidden messages.

A day after she gave birth to her son with Elon Musk, the singer took to Twitter to break down their baby boy's unique name for curious fans.

Elon Musk
Credit: Elon Musk/Twitter

"X" stands for the "unknowable variable," "Æ" is her "elven spelling" of artificial intelligence and/or love, and "A-12"is her and Musk's favorite aircraft. A lot to unpack, including her casual mention of elven-speak, but there you have it.

While Grimes broke down the meaning behind her son's name, she did not inform us how to actually pronounce it. Our human ears would likely be unable to process it anyway.

Elon Musk, Grimes
Credit: Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

And if you thought people wouldn't clown on a baby — well, you were wrong. People quickly made fun of the moniker for its weirdness, its robotic quality, and honestly anything else you can think of.

We don't know what will be weirder — if Musk and Grimes stick with "X Æ A-12" or announce it was a prank and their baby is actually named Brent or something.

This is Grimes' (real name Claire Boucher) first child and Musk's sixth son. The 48-year-old has five children from a previous marriage. Shortly after X Æ A-12 was born, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO began tweeting updates about his baby's health. First came the announcement of his son's name, then there was a picture of the little one with fake face tattoos reading "SAVAGE" and "Moody."

Odd moniker aside, the baby is doing well, with Musk tweeting Tuesday that he is "happy, healthy & cute as a button."

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