Make way for the new class of social media influencers, who also just so happen to be celebrated Hollywood stars you'd never expect to see on social media.

As Tinseltown shut down productions across the board amid the pandemic, talent was also stuck at home, with many looking for a new way to reach their fans. Some were dragged onto the short form app by younger relatives, but many found it on their own and made accounts in their own unique ways.

Here are the top 5 unexpected stars of TikTok to follow.

Martin Scorsese

All hail the new king of short form video!

Martin Scorsese, the legendary director behind many of your favorite films is proving he's also a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera.

His daughter Francesca, 21, flipped the lens on dear ol' dad for a special two-part TikTok comedy feature called, "Having my dad guess feminine items," and recorded his reaction. He guessed a few items correctly, like an eyelash curler and a Beauty Blender, but he didn't fare so well with a menstrual cup or bra padding.

"I don't know but it's a part of a cello," the famed director said of a false eyelash applicator. He also guessed a pearl g-string is, "An exercise machine of some kind."

Judi Dench

Celebrated British actress Judi Dench said appearing in TikTok videos with her grandson Sam Williams "saved her life" during the pandemic as "every day is so unchartered," in an interview with London's Channel 4.

The duo went viral in June thanks to a fun dance that she says she "had to rehearse the moves" for under the supervision of her "strict" grandson.

"Don't just think they come naturally!" she said with a giggle. "I hope I'm asked to do more, but of course, I can't ask for the part."

She doesn't just dance when she pops up on Sam's account; she also tells jokes and enjoys silly moments with her family.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber will forever now be known as Phantom of the WAPera after taking the dance challenge inspired by Cardi B's hit song "WAP" and truly making it his own in August. Everything was all above board — no tigers appeared across his palatial home like they did in the original music video — and fans weren't bothered by that at all.

Webber posts videos to his account often, though none as saucy as his Wapera. He may surprise us yet.

Mandy Patinkin

You may know Mandy Patinkin from his many films like The Princess Bride, Dick Tracy, and Yentl, or his small-screen work on Homeland, Criminal Minds, or Dead Like Me.

But avid TikTok users know Patinkin for his popular videos co-starring his wife Kathryn via their popular account. They often discuss important issues, including immigration, voting, and Black Lives Matter. But there are also many lighthearted moments they share with one other and with their furry family members.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If animals are the content you're looking for, look no further than Arnold Schwarzenegger's account. The former governor of California often features his pals Lulu the donkey and her sibling, a mini horse named Whiskey, the true stars of the short-form videos.

In a hilarious post shared in December, Schwarzenegger speaks to Lulu about the naughty and nice list to temper expectations ahead of Christmas. The donkey's more focused on having a snack than hearing him discuss her behavior. The clip ends with Schwarzenegger telling Lulu not to pout.

Fans can also follow along as the trio keep up with their cardio exercises and share meals together.

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