Will you get on Simon Pegg's level or visit Florence Pugh's kitchen? Our guide to finding the right celebrity hobby based on your own quarantine needs.
Celeb Hobbies
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Congratulations. You've made it through another week too many in quarantine. You're down in the depths of your Netflix queue. You're somewhere between finally downloading TikTok or buying a life-size Baby Yoda. Don't worry. EW has your back with a personalized guide to finding your next quarantine hobby, with the help of anecdotes from celebrities on how they are getting by themselves.

Are you more of a Florence Pugh or a Cardi B? Let's find out.

If you're in need of constant distraction to keep from thinking about the pandemic:

Take up a new game like Simon Pegg, whose upcoming film Inheritance (out on DirectTV April 23 and VOD and Digital May 22). When not filming hilarious parodies of his own movies, Pegg is passing the time leveling up. "I’m watching movies and TV shows or playing Soda Crush on my phone," he tells EW. "At the time of writing, I’m on level 1,578."

If you've run out of things to talk to your family or roommates about:

Catch up with friends you haven't spoken to lately. Ellen Degeneres is staying connected by calling her pals out of the blue. The comedian has posted videos on Instagram of her conversations with the likes of Adam Levine and Michelle Obama — to remind us she has famous friends like Adam Levine and Michelle Obama.


If you keep thinking about what's happened to your Orangetheory trainer: 

Get out the workout mat and train out that frustration like an Amazonian goddess from Wonder Woman. "I have been doing my Wonder Woman workouts in the gym Warner Bros built for me in my garage. It is truly a gift during these times," actress Connie Nielsen, who can be seen in Sea Fever out now on VOD and Digital, tells EW. "On My Fitness Pal there are plenty of tips for workouts, and also all over the internet there are Zoom classes, but I now have a routine that involves warmups, rowing, squats, sit-ups, side sit-ups, planking, burpees, and upper body exercises. On other days my kid gets on a bike and I run six miles."

Or follow along with your favorite unlucky in love reality star. Here's Mark Cuevas from Love is Blind's workout using nothing but a cast of White Claw:

If you want to Bob Ross it and get in touch with your artsy side:

Get out the canvas and the camera! "I Googled hobbies for adults and diamond painting came up and I was like, holy crap. This reminds me of when I used to rhinestone my dance costumes before I competed on Dancing With the Stars," Cheryl Burke tells EW. "I found all of these canvases on Amazon. My husband and I were supposed to be at a Tony Robbins seminar but it got canceled because of the virus so I’m bringing Tony Robbins to me. I’m doing his online course and diamond painting at the same time. Life cannot be better.”

Actress Shailene Woodley , who stars in Endings, Beginnings out on digital April 17 and VOD May 1, is also in deep with an art challenge, sending photographs back and forth with her closest friends. You don't have to go all the way with her recommendation (the backgammon might be a little scandalous). "Most of my friends and I are riding solo right now. So, there are a lot of online backgammon games and Tiger King Skype discussions happening," she tells EW. "We also have an art challenge. Every day, we send photographs we’ve found that inspire us. For some reason, they have all turned extremely erotic. I guess everyone is experiencing empty-bed syndrome."

Don't be worried if you think you're a beginner. Watchmen's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has been drawing his fans on Instagram Live with the craftsmanship of the Arrival Heptapods.

If you're a parent who wants to use the extra time to bond with the family:

Join your kids on TikTok. Mark Wahlberg has been doing TikTok dances with his daughter, an activity that will definitely lead us to the eventual Marky Markaissance.

Or perform a mini-concert for your family instead. John Legend has been playing his own songs and some covers in his living room in front of his many Grammys. He's invited Chrissy Teigan and their kids to enjoy his music on camera, which is just as much a moment for us as it is for them.

If you're ready to ditch junk food for every meal and finally spend some time over the stove:

Visit some celebrity kitchens on Instagram. Midsommar star Florence Pugh has been posting a delightful series of cooking tutorials on her Instagram Stories that include cameos from her adorable dog and plenty of white wine (with ice cubes).

You can also stop by the kitchen of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye. He's doing his own “Quar Eye” Instagram cooking show, where he uses ingredients you can find in your kitchen to make delicious meals. He also can't stop smiling to the camera, which can also be considered delicious.

Not all stars are going on Instagram to show their cooking talents. "I’m cooking 'easy' online chicken dishes where my daughter stopped eating this 'easy' dish after the first bite," Forky himself Tony Hale tells EW. "Next challenge...I’m going to officiate my two dogs' wedding," says Halem who stars in the upcoming '60s drama To the Stars on digital April 24.

Vivica A. Fox, whose upcoming crime thriller with Liam Hemsworth Arkansas will premiere May 5 on VOD and digital, is also taking a stab at some easy eats. "I'm not a big cooker but I was very proud of myself for making a breakfast lettuce wrap sandwich with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and avocado!" she tells EW.

And then there's 1917 actor George MacKay, who stars in the upcoming film True History of the Kelly Gang set for an April 24 digital and VOD release. He says he's committed to find a way to "perfect rice." "I am cooking about the same, just making meals with less ingredients, or cooking to last a bit more. Lots of rice and veg. I will perfect rice," he tells EW.

If you're in the depths of boredom and have tried literally everything:

Do your best Fantasia and dance with a broom! Mad Men and Spinning Out actress January Jones has been doing just that, while looking like a fancy Jabbawockee:

Rapper Cardi B has been enjoying some board games, and by enjoy we mean completely slamming through a Jumbo Jenga set for fun. This is likely signaling her mission to destroy all our favorite games as a kid. Connect Four, watch out. 


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